This post contains a set of instructions on how I modified my Female doll base pattern to resemble princess Peach. These instructions won’t make much sense without the base pattern, so make sure to grab it!

peachAll colorway numbers refer to Schachenmayr Catania cotton.

Skin color: 263 Apricot
Hair color: 208 Canary
Follow base pattern with these two colors.

Glove color: 106 White
Skin color: 263 Apricot
Sleeve color: 222 Orchid (light pink)
Start with white. Switch to skin color on round 15. Switch to light pink after round 16 and deviate from base pattern as follows to create puffed sleeves:

  • r17: *inc* (16)
  • r18: *1sc, inc* (24)
  • r19-21: sc around (24)
  • r22: *1sc, dec* (16)
  • r23: *dec* (8)

Join with a sl st and bind off. Sew the remaining hole shut.

Shoe color: 114 Cyclamen (deep pink)
Skin color: 263 Apricot
Panty color: 222 Orchid (light pink)
Start with deep pink. Switch to skin color on round 9. Switch to light pink on round 26 and continue until the end.

Base skirt color: 222 Orchid (light pink)
Trimming color: 114 Cyclamen (deep pink)
Start with light pink and follow base pattern until round 12, then continue as follows:

  • r13: *7sc, inc* (45)
  • r14-15: sc around (45)
  • r16: *8sc, inc* (50)
  • r17-18: sc around (50)
  • r19: *9sc, inc* (55)
  • r20-21: sc around (55)
  • r22: *10sc, inc* (60)
  • r23-24: sc around (60)
  • r25: *11sc, inc* (65)
  • r26-27: sc around (65)
  • r28: *12sc, inc* (70)
  • r29: sc around (70)
  • Switch color to deep pink
  • r30-32: sc around (70)

Join with a sl st and bind off. Weave in ends.

Top color: 222 Orchid (light pink)
Skin color: 263 Apricot
Collar color: 114 Cyclamen (deep pink)
Start with light pink. Switch to deep pink on round 19. Switch to skin color on round 20 and continue until the end.

Waist wrap
Color: 114 Cyclamen (deep pink)
This part is crocheted flat, so make a ch1 and turn at the end of every row.
Triple inc = make 3 sc stitches in one stitch (two stitches increased).

ch4, turn, skip first st

  • r1: inc, 1sc, inc (5)
  • r2: inc, inc, 1sc, inc, inc (9)
  • r3: inc, inc, 2sc, triple inc, 2sc, inc, inc (15)
  • r4: inc, inc, 5sc, triple inc, 5sc, inc, inc (21)
  • r5: inc, inc, 8sc, triple inc, 8sc, inc, inc (27)
  • r6: inc, inc, 11sc, triple inc, 11sc, inc, inc (33)
  • r7: inc, inc, 14sc, triple inc, 14sc, inc, inc (39)
  • r8: inc, inc, 17sc, triple inc, 17sc, inc, inc (45)
  • r9: inc, inc, 20sc, triple inc, 20sc, inc, inc (51)
  • r10: inc, inc, 23sc, triple inc, 23sc, inc, inc (57)
  • Don’t turn after the last row, but go around the corner and sc all along the top edge

Join with a sl st and bind off. Leave a long tail to sew to the body.


Color: 249 Gold

Leave a long tail at the start of the work to sew the crown onto the head with.
ch 16, join to the first stitch with a sl st to make a circle

  • r1-2: sc around (16)
  • r3: *sl st, [hdc, dc], [dc, hdc], sl st*

Join with a sl st and bind off.

Follow base pattern.


  • Sew arms and head onto the body, and sew ears onto the head (see base pattern for placement guide).
  • Sew the waist wrap around the waist.
  • Cut strands of hair in the same color you used for the skull cap, approximately 15 cm for the front bangs and 30 cm for the back. Attach hair (see base pattern for instructions). To keep the bangs in shape, style the yarn with a mixture of about 50% wood glue and 50% water. Drench the hair in the mixture, style it by gently molding the strands into their pointy shapes, and let it dry. I recommended testing this technique first on some scrap yarn to make sure your glue mixture and yarn don’t react funky with each other!
  • Glue two blue and two pink shiny craft stones onto the crown and sew the crown on top of the head.
  • Glue two blue craft stones onto the earlobes.
  • Cut a circle out of yellow/gold felt slightly larger than the craft stones you’re using. Glue this to the middle of the torso slightly above breast height, and glue a blue craft stone on top of it.