Knotted Sweater

I’ve been working on rounding up some of my WIPs that have been around for a longer time. This week, it’s a sweater for my mom that I started as a Mother’s Day present (Mother’s Day is in October, right? *ahem*).

It’s a nice squishy sweater in merino from a pattern mom and I found in the Dutch knitting magazine “Simply Breien” last year and we both fell in love with instantly:

It looks kinda complicated, but it turned out to be pretty easy after all. The knot was really just a bit of origami sewing and was pretty well explained. I really enjoyed the stitch pattern too; it was fun to knit, not too complicated but enough going on to be interesting, and with a lot of visual interest. Just the way I like it. ^^

One sad little bit was that I ran out of yarn, even though I used the exact same yarn the pattern was written for and I got gauge. It happens sometimes, I guess. By the time I had to start the sleeves I realized it wasn’t gonna be enough, and I was pretty sure I couldn’t get more yarn of the same dye lot since it was old stash, so I adapted the sleeves a little bit. Instead of knitting them cuff-up as written, I converted them to start at the shoulders and cast on both sleeves at the same time so I could maximize the yarn and just keep going until I ran out.
This way the sleeves ended up as about 3/4 sleeves instead of full length, which is actually quite a nice look too. So all in all, I’m pretty happy with how this project turned out – and most importantly, mom loves it too. :D